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Not your average cake!!!

So I’ve been “baking” the other day. But not your traditional kind of cake!! A while back I've made myself a long scarf from a beautiful Scheepjes Whirl in Levanderlicious colour. It was an infinity scarf but I didn’t really like how the light colour joined the dark so didn't wear it much. I had a sudden decision whilst looking through my wardrobe the other day, grabbed the scarf and unravelled it all. I had a "genius" idea of using an old thread cone and of course my electric mixer to speed up the process of winding it back into a cake. But boy did it go wrong?!? It took 2.5 hours to untangle a dark purple mess. But I wasn’t going to give up on my expensive cake!! I had another go... I modified my cone with a cardboard circle at the bottom and voila - my new "cake” was born!

All I needed now was a nice pattern to turn it into something I will wear. I used the Maestrale pattern and I LOVE the result. This gorgeous triangle scarf will not be buried at the bottom of my drawer - I cannot wait for the weather to turn a bit cooler so I can wear it :)



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