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A little about me...

Hi, I am Gabriella originally from Budapest, Hungary and
I have been living in England since 2002. 

I am a working Mum of two gorgeous daughters.

I loved art and craft from a young age and enjoy making things in my spare time. Both my grandmas taught me important skills I couldn't do without today as they introduced me to sewing and

 I have been creating personalised gifts from my home
since 2011, 
at first, primarily for children. I have since widened the range of items I offer and now create gifts for adults as well.

 I recently discovered the art of crocheting and am absolutely hooked.
You may find one or two crocheted items on this website...
I find crochet easier than knitting, athough I still pick up the knitting needles for the odd project if it catches my eyes.

I created this website to show you what things I could make for you
and I hope you will find it easy to navigate. 

You can click on the review button and give me a feedback re anything.

Most of the gifts on the Bella Craft website can be personalised. If you think you would like something in a different colour, I am happy to help.
I pride myself to give you a one of a kind item you

or your loved ones will treasure for years to come!

Enjoy your stay!!




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