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Crochet Christmas Blanket CAL

This gorgeous crochet blanket was made during December 2022 as part of the Crochet Society Avent CALendar. Each day we made a square according to the pattern and the last day 25th December was dedicated to the border around the whole blanket. It was easy to follow and I found that by day 10 I was creating extra squares as I was planning on making a larger than 6x4 blanket. Mine turned out 8x5 which is the perfect size to cover myself all the way to my toes when crocheting on cold evenings by the fire.

I didn't quite finish it on 25th but I think it was ready just before the end of the year.

I absolutely love this design and I have actually designed some squares myself (bells, snowflakes and Christmas trees) so my blanket can be bigger without repeating the squares too many times. It was also nice to see that some of the other crocheters have also incorporated my designs into their blankets.

What's do you think of the result??

I think this blanket will not be put away and will be used all thoughtout the year.


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